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Dynasty/ Period/Region Media Question Year Course Paper
Abbasid Ceramics What distinguishes the glazed ceramics of Abbasid Iraq? 2000 BA I
Abbasid Ceramics “Abbasid glazed ceramics were the direct result of the China trade.” How far is that true? 1999 M.St. / M.Phil. I
Abbasid Ceramics What is interesting about the glazed ceramics of Abbasid Iraq? 1999 BA I
Abbasid Ceramics Account for the rise of glazed ceramics before AD 900. 1997 BA I
Umayyad/ Abbasid Ceramics Account for the revolution in fine ceramics in the Mediterranean and Near East, AD 550-900. 1997 M.St. I
Umayyad/ Abbasid Ceramics What was the impact of the Arab conquests and the rise of Islam upon the ceramic repertoire of the Mediterranean and Near East before 900 AD? 1996 M.St. I
Abbasid Ceramics Discuss the contribution of Abbasid potters to the development of Islamic glazed ceramics. 1995 M.St. I
Abbasid Ceramics What can we learn from Abbasid ceramics about trade in the Abbasid Empire and beyond? 1995 M.St. I
Abbasid Ceramics How is recent archaeological research changing our understanding of the relationship between ‘Abbasid and Chinese potters? 1993 M.Phil. FOR
Abbasid Ceramics What can Abbasid ceramics tell us about international trade in the C9th and C10th? 1992 M.Phil. INT
Abbasid Architecture/ Ceramics EITHER: “The evidence of empire can be seen in the spread of artifacts and architectural forms.” How true is this of the Abbasid empire up to 950 AD?
OR: Whose chronology for Abbasid fine wares do you believe? Justify your choice.
1991 M.Phil. FOR
Abbasid Ceramics What was the significance of the discovery of tin-glaze? 1991 M.Phil. FOR
Abbasid Ceramics “Islam’s greatest contribution to the history of ceramics was the development of tin-glaze.” Is this total nonsense? 1990 M.Phil. FOR
Abbasid Ceramics Discuss the dating of Abbasid lustre ware. 1989 M.Phil. FOR
Abbasid/ Samanid Ceramics What distinguishes Samanid pottery from Abbasid? 1989 M.Phil. FOR
Abbasid/ Samanid/ Chinese influence Ceramics Assess the influence of Chinese ceramics on the development of Abbasid and Samanid glazed pottery. 1988 M.Phil. INT
Abbasid Ceramics Assess the importance of Abbasid pottery for the subsequent development of ceramic styles in other areas of the Islamic world. 1986 M.Phil. `Abb
Abbasid Ceramics Discuss and evaluate the alternative datings offered for blue-and-white, polychrome and monochrome lustre wares during the C9th and C10th. 1986 M.Phil. `Abb
Abbasid Ceramics Identify the main types of Samarran pottery and trace their origins and influence. 1981 M.Phil. M+C


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