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Question Year Course Paper
Fatimid “Fatimid ceramics reflect the diversity of cultural influences in Fatimid Egypt.” Discuss. 2000 BA II
Fatimid In your opinion, what are the most significant features of Fatimid lustre wares? 1999 BA II
  Does the theory of a diaspora of potters adequately explain the changes in the ceramics industries of Egypt, Syria and/or Iran in the second half C12th and early C13th? 1997 BA II
Fatimid What distinguishes Fatimid pottery? 1995 M.St. II
Fatimid Formulate a programme of doctoral research for the study of one of the following media in the Fatimid world: lustre-painted ceramics, rock-crystal, carved ivory. 1994 M.St. II
Fatimid What problems have scholars faced in reconstructing the development of Fatimid lustre ware, and how have they sought to resolve them? 1993 M.Phil. REG
Fatimid/ Ayyubid/ Mamluk What can ceramics tell us about changes in society in Egypt between the fall of the Fatimids and the Ottoman conquest? 1993 M.Phil. MAG
Fatimid Trace the development of glazed and decorated ceramics in Egypt to the end of the Fatimid period. 1986 M.Phil. M+C
Fatimid What is the evidence to suggest that the fall of the Fatimids resulted in a diaspora of Egyptian potters? 1981 M.Phil. M+C
Egyptian, pre-Ottoman Assess the importance and significance of Egypt as a centre for the production of ceramics up to the fall of the Mamluks 1979 M.Phil. M+C


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