on ceramics


Dynasty/ Period/Region Media Question Year Paper
  Ceramics Which is the better approach to early Islamic ceramics – art history or archaeology? 1995 IV
Have you ever come across any aspect of Islamic material culture where scientists have broadened our understanding? 1995 IV
  Metalwork/ Ceramics Analyse the relationship between early Islamic metalwork and ceramics. 1994 I
  General/ ceramics Discuss the evidence for the attitudes to figural representation in early Islam. 1994 I
  Metalwork/ ceramics How have recent developments in the scientific analysis of either Islamic ceramics or Islamic metalwork contributed to our understanding of the subject? 1994 IV
An object without its context is worthless to the archaeologist: what value does it have to the art historian? 1994 IV
How can ethnography and ethnoarchaeology contribute to our understanding of the production and trade of Islamic artefacts? 1994 IV
  Ceramics Discuss the possible origins and development of frit wares in the Islamic world prior to 1200 AD. 1991 REG
  Ceramics “Underglaze blue-and-white revolutionized Islamic pottery in the 14th century.” Discuss. 1990 MAG
  Ceramics Write short notes on the following techniques as used in Islamic pottery:
a) tin glaze
b) frit
c) lustre
d) underglaze painting
e) alkaline glazes
f) champlévé
1986 M+C
General Ceramics How much did the development of Islamic ceramics owe to the influence of other art forms? 1986 M+C
General Ceramics How true is it that the import of Islamic ceramics in an international context lies not so much in the development of lustre as in the use of a tin glaze? 1986 M+C
General Painting How much do ceramics add to our knowledge of figural art in Islam? 1986 Min
General Ceramics Write short notes on three of the following techniques in Islamic pottery:
a) tin glaze
b) frit
c) lustre
d) champlévé
e) underglaze painting
f) slip-painting
1984 M+C
General/ Chinese Influence Ceramics Tang, Liao, Sung, Yuan. Need one say more about Islamic ceramics? 1984 M+C
General Ceramics “The coarseness of ‘Sgraffiato’ wares is offset by their variety”. Discuss. 1984 M+C
General Metalwork From precious to base. Discuss the inter-relationship of different media in the Islamic tradition, with particular reference to metalwork and ceramics. 1984 M+C
Timurid/ Saljuq/ Mongol Architecture/ Ceramics EITHER: Trace the development of tilework in Iran up to 1450
OR: What were the principal techniques of architectural decoration in Iran and Anatolia under the Saljuqs and Mongols?
1981 Arch
C14th/C15th Ceramics Why are the C14th and C15th known as the “interim period” in Islamic ceramics? 1981 M+C
General Ceramics Assess the impact of technique on the decoration of Islamic ceramics. 1981 M+C
General/ Chinese influence Ceramics It was only Chinese influence that ever enabled Islamic pottery to rise above a peasant craft. Is this a fair assessment? 1981 M+C
  Ceramics Trace the development of lustre decoration and lustre wares from their origins to the C18th. 1979 M+C


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