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Ilkhanid Ceramics Discuss the impact of Chinese blue-and white porcelain on the ceramics of the Islamic Near East from the 14th c onwards 1999 BA III
Safavid Ceramics Why are the designs on Safavid blue-and-white and lustre wares so different from one another? 1998 BA II
Timurids/ Safavids/
  Discuss the role of the kitabkhane/ naqqashhane under any/all of the Timurids, Safavids and Ottomans. 1997 BA III
Timurids/ Safavids/
  Either Discuss the interplay of potters and the court in the development of Iznik ceramics and tilework
Discuss the impact of Chinese porcelain on the ceramics of the Ottomans and Safavids.
1997 BA III
  Discuss the roles of precious metals and porcelain under the Ottomans and Safavids. 1997 BA III
Ilkhanid Ceramics/ Metalwork Discuss the issue of continuity of artistic production in Iran and Iraq during the Mongol and Ilkhanid period with reference to either ceramics or metalwork or both. 1997 M.Phil. III
Ilkhanid Ceramics/
Discuss the contribution of China to either the ceramics or textiles or both of Iran in the Ilkhanid period. 1997 M.Phil. III
Timurid/ Safavid Ceramics Can we speak of originality in the context of Timurid and Safavid ceramics? 1996 M.St. III
Safavid/ Iznik Ceramics Compare and contrast Safavid and Iznik ceramics. 1995 M.St. III
    “From 1400 onwards the originality of Persian potters is swamped beneath a sea of Chinese blue and white.” How far would you agree with this statement? 1994   III
Safavid Ceramics “The Safavid ceramics industry looked to the outside world; Safavid metalwork was introverted.” Discuss. 1992 M.Phil. CLA
Timurid/ Safavid/
Architecture/ Ceramics Contrast the use of tile work under the Timurids, Safavids and Ottomans. 1992 M.Phil. CLA
Mamluk/ Ilkhanid Ceramics Discuss the significance of ceramic developments in either Mamluk Egypt and Syria, OR Mongol Iran. 1991 M.Phil. MAG
Safavid Ceramics What methodology would you suggest for coping with the problems of dating Safavid blue and white? 1991 M.Phil. CLA
Ilkhanid/ Mamluk Ceramics Contrast Mamluk and Ilkhanid pottery. 1990 M.Phil. MAG
Safavid Ceramics “Safavid ceramics display little originality.” Is this a fair criticism? 1990 M.Phil. CLA
Ilkhanid Metalwork/ Ceramics To what extent were Ilkhanid metalwork and ceramics merely a continuation of early C13th traditions? 1988 M.Phil. MAG
Post-Ilkhanid Ceramics “The import of Chinese blue-and-white from the C14th onwards was a disaster for the ceramics industry in Iran.” Comment. 1986 M.Phil. M+C
Persian Ceramics Which was more important for the history of Persian ceramics, the Mongol invasions or the introduction of Chinese blue-and-white, and why? 1979 M.Phil. M+C
Pre-Mongol Ceramics “The role of Chinese ceramics in the development of pre-Mongol Islamic pottery has been consistently over-emphasised by scholars”. To what extent would you agree? 1979 M.Phil. M+C
Safavid Ceramics How were Safavid ceramics affected by changes in trade patterns in the C16th and C17th? 1979 M.Phil. Saf
Safavid/ Ottoman Ceramics Discuss the link between the production of glazed wares and the use of tilework in the Safavid and Ottoman empires 1979 M.Phil. M+C


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