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Media Question Year Course Paper
Saljuq Ceramics The ceramics industries of Kashan are remarkable for the range of signed and dated objects. What does this evidence tell us? 2000 BA II
Saljuq Ceramics EITHER: What is the evidence for a diaspora of potters from Egypt in the C12th?
OR: Discuss the different phases of the Kashan ceramic industry in the late C12th and C13th?
1999 M.St. / M.Phil. II
Saljuq Ceramics Discuss the evidence for Kashan as the ceramic centre of Iran between AD 1150 and 1350. 1999 BA II
Saljuq Ceramics Give a brief history of the ceramic industry in Kashan, and outline areas for future research. 1998 BA I
Saljuq Ceramics Does the theory of a diaspora of potters adequately explain the changes in the ceramic industries of Egypt, Syria and/or Iran in the second half of the C12th and early C13th? 1997 BA II
Saljuq Ceramics How can one explain the sudden rise of the Kashan ceramic industry? 1996   II
Saljuq Ceramics What do Kashan and/or Raqqa ceramics of the late C12th and C13th tell us about either the tastes of the market or the interests of the artists or both? 1995 M.St. II
Saljuq Ceramics How valid is the generalisation that ceramic production in Iran, from the mid C12th to mid C13th, shows a tendency to decline from a high standard of technical mastery towards debased mass production. 1994 M.St. II
Saljuq Ceramics What impact did the Mongol invasion have on the ceramic industry of Kashan? 1993 M.Phil. MAG
Saljuq Metalwork/
Discuss the role of either Mosul or Kashan in the arts of the late C12th and early C13th. 1992 M.Phil. REG
Saljuq Ceramics What significance do the sgraffito wares of mediaeval Iran have for art historians? 1991 M.Phil. REG
Saljuq Ceramics Discuss the technological developments which affected Near Eastern Ceramics in the C12th and C13th, and briefly assess their influence. 1990 M.Phil. REG
Saljuq Ceramics Raqqa pottery plays an intermediate role between Fatimid pottery and the ceramics of Kashan. Discuss. 1989 M.Phil. REG
Saljuq Ceramics How major was the debt owed by Iranian ceramics to Chinese porcelain in the C12th and C13th? 1989 M.Phil. REG
Saljuq Ceramics “Saljuq ceramics from Kashan were highly innovative”. Do you agree, and if so, why? 1988 M.Phil. REG
Post-Saljuq Ceramics What is the evidence for Kashan as a centre for the production of luxury glazed ceramics in the C12th-C14th? 1986 M.Phil. M+C
Ceramics Discuss the evidence for Rayy, Kashan and Gurgan as centres of lustre production between 1150 and 1350 AD. 1984 M.Phil. M+C
Ceramics “Kashan was the ceramic centre of Iran between 1170 and 1350 AD”. On what evidence is this statement based and in what did the “Kashan style” consist? 1981 M.Phil. M+C


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