PART 2: How pots are studied


A. Introduction
  A.1. Problems of the "Samarra Horizon"
  A.2. Select Bibliography on Samarra
B. Scientific Approaches
  B.1. Methods of Analysis:
    a. Destructive methods
    b. Non-destructive methods
    c. Methods of Dating
  B.2. Case studies utilising some of the above methods:
    a. An investigation into Abu’l-Qasim’s treatise on ceramics
    b. Robert Mason’s petrographic studies on early Iraqi wares
    c. (Xero)Radiography: Applications in Museums
  B.3. Select Bibliography on Scientific Approaches
C. Ethnographic Approaches
  C.1. Applications to questions of stylistic groupings
  C.2. Experiments in archaeology:
    a. Alan Caiger-Smith
    b. Investigations into Abu’l-Qasim’s treatise (continued)
    c. Experiments with an ancient potter’s wheel
  C.3. Select Bibliography on Ethnographic Approaches
D. Other theories and approaches
E. Combined Bibliographies
F. Study Guides
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