"Tell Minis" Ware

N.B. This section is based on: " 'Tell Minis' Wares" by Venetia Porter and Oliver Watson, in: Syria and Iran: Three Studies in Medieval Ceramics: Oxford Studies in Islamic Art volume IV, Part 2 (Oxford, 1987)


A. Introduction
B. Technical characteristics:
  B.1. The body
  B.2. Glaze and colourants
  B.3. Vessel shape
C. Lustre wares:
  C.1. Pigment
  C.2. Painting styles
  C.3. Motifs
  C.4. Range of Designs:
    C.4.i. Humans
    C.4.ii. Animals
    C.4.iii. Calligraphic
    C.4.iv. Arabesque
D. Discussion and Conclusion
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