Mariam Rosser-Owen
Barakat Trust Museum Collections Scholar

Currently a fourth year doctoral student at the Oriental Institute, University of Oxford (studying the art and archaeology of Islamic Spain), Mariam read a Masters degree in Islamic Art and Archaeology before starting to work on this project. From 1997-1998 it was a full-time job, but since beginning the doctorate, work on this project has proceeded at a part-time pace. She has been solely responsible for researching, writing, designing and managing this site, as well as the related project of producing the Teaching Video, "Making Lustre Pottery with Alan Caiger-Smith". This has meant that a project that should have been up and running a few years ago, is only just now becoming available to students, but she hopes that all the hard work pays off, and that this will prove to be an invaluable educational resource.


Oya Pancaroglu

Oya Pancaroglu wrote her Ph.D. dissertation on human figural imagery in Seljuk art - entitled “‘A World Unto Himself’: The Rise of a New Human Image in the Late Seljuk Period (1150-1250)" - at Harvard University in 2000. She currently holds the Salahuddin Y H Abuljawad Post-Doctoral Scholarship at the Oriental Institute, Oxford University, where she is working on turning her thesis into a book.

The Oriental Institute, Pusey Lane,
Oxford OX1 2LE, UK



Katherine Strange Burke

Katherine Strange Burke was introduced to Islamic Archaeology in the Islamic Art and Archaeology Masters programme at the University of Oxford in 1997-98. She is now working towards a Ph.D. in Islamic Archaeology at the Department of Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations, at the University of Chicago. She has recently decided to focus on the Mamluk period, mainly in Syria, and is currently interested in the movement of goods and resources around greater Syria and between Syria and Egypt. She has excavated in Israel and Syria, most recently at the site of Qinnasrīn in northern Syria under the supervision of Donald Whitcomb.

Department of Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations, The Oriental Institute,
1155 E. 58th Street, Chicago, IL 60637 USA


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