Lustre Ware from Kashan: C12th-C14th




A. Historical Introduction
B. Second Ceramic Revolution:
  B.1. New developments
  B.2. Diaspora theories
  B.3. Survey of main types of Saljuq wares
    a. whitewares
    b. monochrome glazed wares
    c. "silhouette" wares
    d. underglaze painted wares
    e. overglaze painted wares (mina’i and lajvardina)
C. Production Centres
D. Kashan Lustre:
  D.1. Introduction
  D.2. The "Monumental" Style
  D.3. The "Miniature" Style
  D.4. The "Kashan" Style
  D.5. Tiles
    a. Pre-Mongol
    b. Il-Khanid
    c. The C14th
  D.6. Religious Iconography
E. Evidence for workshops/ateliers
F. Bibliography
G. Study Guides
This section features LECTURE 3 (b): 'Functions of Literary Epigraphy on Medieval Islamic Ceramics, Part 2: Poetry and Pottery in the Late Seljuk Period', by Oya Pancaroglu.
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