A. Historical Survey of the Ottoman Dynasty:
  from the C13th to the end of the C17th


A.1. Osman Ghazi (1281-c.1320) and the Emergence of the Ottomans
A.2. Orkhan Bey (c.1324-62) and the Sedentarisation of Tribes
A.3. Murad I (1362-89)
A.4. Bayezid I ‘Yildirim’ (1389-1402)
A.5. Interregnum (1402-1413), Mehmed I (1413-1421)
A.6. Murad II (1421-51)
A.7. Mehmed II ‘Fatih’ (1451-81):
  a. The Conquest of Constantinople (1453)
  b. Reconstruction of Istanbul
  c. Development of an Imperial Code
  d. Development of Centralised Administration
  e. War with Venice and the beginning of Naval Supremacy
A.8. Bayezid II (1481-1512):
  a. The Jem Affair
  b. Foreign Policy under Bayezid II
A.9. Selim I (1512-1520) and the rise of the Safavids
A.10. Conquest of the Mamluks (1516) & Possession of the Holy Cities
A.11. Süleyman I ‘the Magnificent’ (1520-66):
  a. Habsburg Wars and the Battle of Mohacs (1526)
  b. The Ottomans and the Reformation
  c. More Trouble with the Safavids (1530s-1555)
  d. Growing Power of the Russians & Ivan the Terrible (1547-1584)
A.12. Selim II (1566-74) and the Battle of Lepanto (1571)
A.13. War with Safavid Persia (1578-1639)
A.14. Crisis and Decline
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